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December 2, 2020 Deck

Arbor Decks Plan Ideas

Arbor decks – A tire arbor creates an open air room. Sometimes tires arbor covered with a canvas awning. For the most part, the flat roof of a series of wooden slates with spaces. This in light, wind and rain. One idea is to weatherize deck arbor by covering the roof with clear plastic wrap. This allows light to continue to come in and block out the rain. There are other things to do to a deck arbor to increase its usefulness.

Arbor Decks Design

Arbor Decks Design

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There are several ways to create a jungle below arbor decks. Open air slates in the roof design makes it easy to create a hanging garden. Then, plant flowers and other plants in hanging baskets. And also hang them from the ceiling. Grouping the hanging baskets to remove the head bumping hazards. Large pots can planted with vine-like climbers. And is nestle next to the roof support columns. This helps to hide these pieces of functional architecture. Train the vines to climb up the columns and the ceiling. Also long rectangular pots can be built between the columns. And also shrubs and perennial flowers can planted in these pots. Then, dwarf fruit trees and strawberry plants would do well here. Because it is protect from the weather and garden pests.

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A tire arbor can turn into another room. One idea is to place a hot tub on the arbor decks. The advantages are that the hot tub is off the ground.┬áIt is easy to create a covered corner of it and it’s easy to keep an eye on it. This will limit unauthorized kid access to the hot tub. Another idea is to create a drill area. This includes a hammock strung between columns support the arbor.

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