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Brick Paver Patio Ideas

Paver patio ideas – you are building a new patio or adding to an old, you can use pavers to create a patio design that you will be sure to love for years. Patio pavers come in a variety of colors and styles, including sharp and worn-corners of rectangles and squares. If you want a basic yard to cover a small space, keep it simple. Using a style and size of brick pavers as a basic rectangular red brick, to create a basic design you like. Make a design of basket weave bricks placing two next to each in one way and then the next two on the way. Repeat until the yard is done. For a truly basic style, it puts all its bricks in the same direction. You can get creative with this style by stepping each brick to create a more ingenious effect.

Best Paver Patio Ideas

Best Paver Patio Ideas

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Paver patio ideas for a more contemporary look, add color to your yard design mixing up. Use a variety of different styles bricks, shapes and colors to create the look you want. Choose bricks forms of jazz even more space or add a light gray background in a dark courtyard otherwise. If you want to mix your look yard without getting too out, add a border of bricks in a different size and color on the edge of your yard.

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Paver patio ideas, if a yard square or rectangular brick base just seems too bland for you, add some shape to your yard and circulated go. Create a standard circle that winds itself or have bricks meet at a point in the center. In a large circular courtyard with its bricks they meet in a flower bed open circular in the center to add color to the space. If you do not want to go all the way with a circular design, add a curve to only one or two edges of your yard.

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How to Maintain Brick Paver?

Brick pavers come in different shapes, colors and sizes and are usually used in the construction of patios. Brick patios require little maintenance; however, with the months of sun, rain and low temperatures, the brick becomes pale, bumpy, cracked and in need of attention. Cleaning regularly and seal the pavers every two years is necessary to protect and extend the life of the pavers and to keep your patio looks like it has just been added.

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Remove all patio furniture, grills, pots and plants. Sweep brick patio to clear away any debris, leaves, dirt or dust that has accumulated.  Flush patio with a high pressure hose to remove any remaining dirt which was not swept away. Mix a solution of warm water and a mild detergent in a large bucket. Pour the mixture over the bricks. Scrub the bricks with your broom to remove any stains. For areas with stubborn stains, use a brick paver stain removal solution.

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Rinse the patio thoroughly with your high pressure hose. Remove any foam and cleaning solution. Let patio drought.  Inspect the patio for a few bricks that can be cracked, chipped, loose or uneven. Replace any damaged or chipped bricks. Remove the uneven bricks and brick add enough sand to proper level. Reset blocks. Pour enough sand brick on the patio in the areas where the brick joints need filling. Work the sand into the joints with your broom. Brush away excess sand with a fine spray, wash off the patio. Let patio thoroughly dry. Start in a corner and apply a brick sealer using a paint roller. Let the sealer set for a few hours, and, if necessary, apply a second coat. Let the sealant to dry completely before going on the patio.

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