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January 28, 2021 Bookcase Ideas

Build a Library Bookcase

Library bookcase – Built-in bookcases add a sophisticated look to any room in your home or office, and are relatively easy to construct. Most built-in shelving units are designed in the recesses or run length of a wall. If the wall recess is wider than about 50 inches, consider adding a central support or install two or more bookshelves to minimize the possibility of the shelves sagging in the middle.

Antique Library Bookcase

Antique Library Bookcase

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Measure the recess area where you want to install library bookcase to determine the desired height and width of the bookshelves. Cut the 2-by-12-inch lumber in two lengths height of the desired shelves and two lengths width of the desired shelving. Trim the ends of these four planks each to a 45-degree angle, a process known as alloy. Cut the 1-by-12 lumber in so many shelves as will fit along with 12 inches between them.

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Cut the molding in two lengths the same as the height and two lengths equal to the width of library bookcase and miter the ends to 45 degrees, just as you did for the 2-by-12 lumber. Set the dado blade to cut a 1-inch-wide and 1/2-inch deep groove. A dado blade is a specially designed blade that can be cut to certain widths and depths to make furrows in wood.

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