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Easy Tips to Paint Steel Bed Frame

If you are tired of appearance of dark steel bed frame, you can paint in color of your choice. Not just any paint will do, however. Metal paints contain additives that prevent oxidation. Moreover, not all metal primers and paints are compatible. One solution is to choose a primer and finish paint layer from same manufacturer that are designed to be used together.

Steel Bed Frame Amazon

Steel Bed Frame Amazon

  • Clean steel bed frame with a cloth that was dipped in mineral spirits. This will help to remove all traces of oil and grease frames.
  • Scrape rusty areas with a spatula or scraping tool. Remove all loose rust scale. Rub surface with steel wool, too.
  • Applying an oil-based primer. Primer has to be designed for use on metal surfaces such as steel bed frame. Roll in primer with a small roller. Spread primer with a brush. Cover entire surface with a primer.
  • Paint bed frames with paint finish that has a corrosion inhibitor within 24 hours of priming them. That will help bonding primer and paint.
  • Roll paint in same way you applied primer. Use a brush to smooth movements, sweeping to distribute paint. Switch to a synthetic bristle brush if you decide to use a water-based paint.
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Connecting Steel Bed Frame to Headboard and Footboard

The headers and footers wooden bed can transform the way your bed looks, but connecting with steel bed frame can be confusing. Since headers and footers wooden bed are generally designed to connect with wooden rails with hooks on the end, making the steel frames incompatible. There is no way to connect the two unless you use an adapter hook assembly bed for each end of the bed. Hook adapters attach to the end of the rails, creating a perfect fit between wood and steel.

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Sets the steel bed frame by connecting central stringers and cross on the head and foot of the bed frame. The metal bed frames do not need any additional tools for mounting. Align arms on each side and slide the metal pin into the slot until it clicks.

Hold one of the brackets hook adapters bed near the head of one of the rails. Align the bolt holes between the support and the steel bed frame. Insert a bolt and use your fingers to secure with the nut. Repeat on the other rail. Sets the top rails in front end of the hook head adapted. Locate the slots or grooves in the legs of the header, which are created during manufacturing awaiting acceptance hook on wooden rails.

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