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Iron Bed Frame Ideas

The use of iron bed frame is a very popular trend. An iron bed is not only a sophisticated style is also very durable and long lasting, if properly exploited. Because this type of beds varies in style, theme and color, they create a popular choice for people with different tastes. The iron beds are usually made ​​of wrought iron, which has low carbon content, so it is strong but also lightweight.

Iron Bed Frame Australia

Iron Bed Frame Australia

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You can assemble the structure without adding curtains but if you do, add flowing curtains that fit the color or theme of your room or mood. Curtains hanging from the structure and fall onto the floor. If you live in a humid climate where insects are unavoidable, use fine gauze as a backdrop and put it under your mattress at night to protect you while you sleep. An iron bed frame canopy can be for this purpose or for aesthetic also attractive.

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Image of: Iron Bed Frame Australia
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The color of an iron bed frame is as important as the design itself. Depending on who is the iron bed, you can pick and choose a color frame. Most iron beds are black, however, some frames are specially designed for specific colors.

Wall Color Iron Bed Frames

Many people love the look of iron furniture but are paralyzed when it comes to choosing a color for the wall to match them. An iron bed frames can vary from silvery painted colored iron or iron forged black, which can make choosing paint more difficult. Fortunately, several combinations of colors harmonize well with iron furniture.

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The iron bed frames often come in metallic shades of black, gray and silver. With these tones, you can choose to use cooler tones on the walls. These include shades of blue, green and purple. With a glossy finish like chrome, consider using a shade of light gray or blue smoke on the walls. Meanwhile, matte could be fantastic when combined with a shade of lavender, but can also work well with blue and gray tones.

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The iron bed frames can also come in warm shades of gold and bronze, so it is natural to combine them with a colored wall that is also warm. Of course, the warm tones do not have to be brilliant or alive. A soft golden beige or brown rust match perfectly with the color gold or bronze bed frames iron. Those who are willing to be more vibrant may consider using autumnal colors like bright yellow mustard or bright orange pumpkin.

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