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May 7, 2021 Gazebo

Rectangular Gazebo: Rest and Enjoy the Garden

Rectangular gazebo – The gazebo is a traditional garden structure dating back as early as 1400 BC in Egypt. Ancient Rome and Pompeii had summer houses not unlike gazebo. Persian gardens were legendary; their summer homes had seats of gold. Because gazebos and similar garden structures have emerged in many cultures, a gazebo design has many styles and materials. First, determine the purpose of the gazebo. Traditionally, it is a place to rest and also enjoy the garden. Today it can be anything you want: a place for the hot tub or an outdoor kitchen. Many people put a table in their gazebo for eating or playing games. Some want space to hang a hammock.

Rectangular Gazebo Shapes

Rectangular Gazebo Shapes

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If you intend to use the rectangular gazebo at night. Then, you should consider adding lighting. For the summer heat, add a ceiling fan. If you live in an area where mosquitoes or black flies are a problem, set it with screens or windows. If you live in a climate with extreme temperatures, and then you can choose to add heating and air-conditioning. For some of these options, do not forget to plan for electricity or water.

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The majority of the rectangular gazebo in the United States is made of wood. But some are brick, stone or cement. Then, for walls, use trellises with vines or flowers trained on them. Or use weather-appropriate fabric or glass block. Monitors and even stained glass add interest to any design.

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