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Swivel Barrel Chair Design

Swivel barrel chair can be convenient if you need to switch from one desktop to another or sit and stand frequently. However, if the rotation is becoming a problem, you can adjust the chair to prevent it from turning. Keeping turning a swivel chair requires a few basic tools. Inspect the base of the chair. Swivel chairs work differently depending on the model. Look for base screws that can be tightened or a rotary lock that can commit to keep the chair in place.

amazing swivel barrel chair

amazing swivel barrel chair

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Tighten the screws or brackets at the base of the swivel barrel chair or on the bottom of the bracket to see if it prevents the chair from turning. This will be enough to stop most of the chairs of the curve, but others may not have the option.

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Place a rubber wedge under the swivel barrel chair, between the base and the rotary post. Gently hammer the wedge at the base so it creates a seal between the bases of the chair and sits down. Does not hammer too hard or you may damage the chair? The wedge can cause friction and limit the scope of the Chair of movement. Tape around the chair and wedge, if not wedge stays in place by itself. A wedge should be enough to stop the turning mechanism, but adding a second on the opposite side of the pole if necessary.

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