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December 23, 2020 Chair Style

Best Glider Rocking Chair

Glider rocking chair – An indispensable item in many families in Mexico with a member of the elderly is a chair rocking. Many of these elders lay the front of the house to doer see people come and go, while they serenaded with the gentle sway of the rocking chair. One day a young man who did not have enough resources to buy one to his beloved grandmother, tube the luck to find it halfway that ran daily from their work, with some damage, thought to fix it and took it home, he puts it straight to his room, because he wanted to fix it first before giving surprise to Grandma, but for lack of time, only served to accumulate over her clothes.

best glider rocking chair designs

best glider rocking chair designs

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One night he thought he saw the glider rocking chair, did not seem possible, but in an instant the clothes fell to the ground. Paying more attention realized that the rocker moved, back front, back front slowly and smoothly. The boy tube some fear, lest decided to grow out of the room, but before he could reach the door, it closed with a single blow that resounded throughout the room.

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As the lock, though tried to open, it was not possible, watching the clothes were strewn all over the floor, someone or something that could not see, his gaze was fixed on the glider rocking chair, moving ever faster, with a loud sound of a stick hitting the ground, retreated to the corner, from which you could see a little old man who sat in the rocking chair , tapping his cane on the floor, he claimed the young man chair not belong to him, he stood up with all the intention to split his head with his stick, but with hand up faded.

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