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Cleaning Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Knobs

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Ceramic Knobs Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Ceramic knobs – Buy new knobs and pulls for kitchen cabinets can be a fun way to brighten up the room with a splash of color or design. Do-it-yourselfers, however, can help to create their own wheels. By buying a flat, smooth knob hardware and get a bit messy, or by working with a local artist, can custom kitchen knobs or pulls a few days away.

Ceramic Knobs Style

Ceramic Knobs Style

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Custom Ceramic Knobs

12 Inspiration Gallery from Ceramic Knobs Cabinet Hardware Ideas

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Professional potters can also help to create custom ceramic knobs or pulls for cabinets. Much as glass artists, they can attach their work to handle hardware, such as plain, flat knob heads. Skilled potters have a range of tools and colors at their disposal and can create custom designs with their customers in mind. When finished, attached to the ceramic flat head knob hardware with strong glue (egg super glue). This is an especially fun family project. When working with children, however, be sure that an adult makes gluing as strong glue can be dangerous.

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You can create your own heads by buying ceramic knobs hardware with flat, smooth heads. Glue on objects to each knob head with strong glue, such as an all-purpose super glue. For example, pebbles glued to the entire flat end of a knob, creating a mosaic-like structure. Broken ceramic pieces, costume pearls – even small toys or figures can also be used for this. Allow yourself and your family imagination to bloom.

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